Partnership Cards

Partnership Cards

Spring 2024

Spring 2024 contains programmes in partnership with three organisations, helping us to bring unique and specialist topics to our groups. These are Refresh PR, The Eric Liddell Community and PGL.

Eric Liddell Community 

Our ‘Heroes of the Faith: Eric Liddell’ Themed Programme celebrates 100 years since that famous Olympic gold medal. As well as being one of the UK’s most inspirational sportsmen, he was also an individual who displayed strong values that were linked to his faith. We’ve worked with The Eric Liddell Community to help create a programme, to encourage Seniors to find out more about his story and how his values can still inspire us today. 


During Autumn 2023 we were pleased to launch a partnership with PGL, that helps to secure discounted rates for BB groups at their many adventure centres across the UK. As part of this partnership, we’ve been pleased to invite PGL to bring some ‘adventure’ to our Spring 2024 programme, with three ‘Get Adventurous’ Activity Cards for Juniors, Company & Seniors.