Introducing e-learning for leaders

Introducing e-learning for leaders

Spring 2022
BB leaders should always be striving to improve the quality of experience for children and young people in the organisation. As part of the current five-year strategic plan, the Leader Development Group have been looking at ways of introducing a culture of Continuous Personal Development (CPD) at all levels within the organisation.

This is looking not just at what training we might complete when we first become a leader, but ways that we can continue to develop our skills and refresh our knowledge throughout our volunteering journey.

Training for leaders within the BB has traditionally taken place face-to-face. However, this has meant that it is not always at the most convenient time or in the ‘right’ location for everyone. Earlier this year in response to the pandemic, Youth Leader Training (YLT) was adapted for virtual delivery and the feedback from this has been really positive. So, we are looking at how we continue to offer opportunities to complete training in a variety of settings.

Whilst the opportunities for people to come together and spend time in fellowship can never be underestimated, having the flexibility of learning at a time which suits and independent of a specific location, has many benefits. This enables leaders to take ownership of their own learning in the way that is best suited to their needs.

Taking a look at the new e-learning modules

We have developed a series of e-learning modules, accessible to all leaders, that will help us to meet our core training needs and provide opportunities for continuous personal development (CPD) going forward. These modules will be launched in the New Year and will be accessed through Online Brigade Manager (OBM).

As an organisation we are investing in e-learning as part of our commitment to improve the quality and consistency of our training, and to ensure leaders can access the training required to fulfil their role safely and effectively. Our e-learning modules can be accessed at any time of day, using a wide range of devices, from anywhere with an internet connection.

e-learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere.

Four e-Learning modules have initially been developed:

  • Introduction to BB – The module assists in welcoming new leaders, introducing the organisation’s roots, structure and vision, helping to provide a greater understanding of their role within the organisation.
  • Safeguarding – The module helps leaders understand safeguarding and child protection in the context of their role. It also introduces the 4 R’s – the way we Recognise, Respond to, Report and Record any concerns about a young person or leader. There is also guidance about the expected behaviours and actions of leaders.
  • Managing Risk – The module supports leaders to create a safe space for children and young people. It provides information about safe environments, roles and responsibilities, how to assess and manage risk, how to respond to and report an emergency.
  • Delivering a Quality Programme – The module sets out our age group programmes and looks at how leaders can get involved in the planning and delivery of a high-quality programme which meets the needs of children and young people.

e-learning for existing leaders

The e-learning modules will be available in the New Year to all leaders and once they go live existing leaders are encouraged to login to OBM and complete the modules as part of their continuous personal development. The aim is that by the end of the session ALL leaders will have completed the Safeguarding and Managing Risk modules. This will ensure that all existing leaders are up to date with the knowledge that they need, to understand their responsibilities and carry out their role safely and effectively within the BB.

For leaders attending Youth Leader Training, the e-learning modules will become part of the pre-course preparation that must be completed prior to attending the course.

Why are we asking leaders to complete these modules?

We all want to ensure that The Boys’ Brigade is a safe and caring environment for children and young people, and where any concerns arise they are responded to appropriately. The BB has not previously offered ongoing training and development in these areas and so whilst many will have received training on their appointment, they may not have received anything since to keep their knowledge up to date on changes in legislation, policies, and procedures. e-learning as a platform for delivery, will enable us to be confident that we are doing all we can to create a safe environment for everyone.

e-learning for new leaders

For new leaders, e-learning will become a mandatory part of the registration process from the New Year, with Introduction to BB, Safeguarding and Managing Risk modules being completed before they can start work in a Company. This ensures that all leaders, irrespective of category, undertake training to provide them with the knowledge that they need, to understand their responsibilities and carry out their role safely and effectively.

Completing the e-learning modules

Once the e-learning modules are launched all leaders will be able to access them through Online Brigade Manager (OBM). All leaders can register for OBM, enabling access to view/edit personal details as well as view your training records (known as ‘Qualifications’ in OBM) and complete e-learning modules.

Logging in for the first time

If you are logging into OBM for the first time you should go to to register your account. You will need your Leader Registration Number to hand to be able to complete registration,
you will find this on your Leader Registration Card and correspondence sent to you by BB Headquarters. Should you need to confirm your Leader Registration Number please email Once you have registered you will be asked to create a password and from there on in you will be able to login easily using your email address and password.

Once you have logged into OBM to access the e-learning modules go to ‘My Membership’ (in bottom left hand corner) and ‘My e-learning’. From here you will be able to view all the modules currently available for you to complete, just click ‘Start Module’ to get going. The modules do vary in time required to complete them from around 15 – 45 mins.

As you go through the modules information will be shared with you through text, images and videos; and you will be asked at various points to demonstrate your understanding through ‘Knowledge Checks’. The Knowledge Checks will ask you to respond by answering questions and matching statements. Once you have completed an e-learning module this will be shown in ‘My Qualifications’ (found under ‘My Membership’ in bottom left- hand corner when logged into OBM). Following completion, you will also have the ability to download and/or print a certificate, and you may be asked to provide this where e-learning is required before participating in further training. BB Headquarters and those with access to relevant records at other levels (Battalion/ District) will be able to view your training records including e-learning.

What do I need to be able to complete e-learning?

To complete the e-learning modules on OBM you just need access to a device which has internet connectivity and sound (i.e. speakers/ear phones). The e-learning modules are ‘responsive’ meaning you can easily access and complete the modules on a phone or a tablet as well as a desktop or laptop computer.

Once the e-learning modules are launched all leaders will be able to access them through Online Brigade Manager (OBM). All leaders can register for OBM, enabling access to view/edit personal details as well as view your training records (known as ‘Qualifications’ in OBM) and complete e-learning modules.

We know that some leaders may not have access to a device and would encourage other leaders in the Company to support them by providing access to a device and supporting them in registering, accessing and completing the modules. Our Support Team can also provide step by step instructions and support if you have any questions.

Look out for further details about the launch of e-learning in January and if you have any questions, get in touch with our Support Team on 0300 303 4454 or email: