Autumn Global Roundup

Autumn Global Roundup

Autumn 2023

A snapshot of what is going on in BB and Global Fellowship organisations around the globe

Easter Course

63 young leaders from 16 organisations took part in the Easter Course run by the European Fellowship of Christian Youth, which this year took place in Langland, Denmark.

Community at 4th Kota Kinabalu

Members of 4th Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia undertook a community activity where they cut unwearable old clothes into small square pieces, which were given to local factories in return for donations which were used by their Church to help those in need.

BB in Ethiopia

It is great to see that the first Companies in Ethiopia have now started meeting, and it is hoped that more will follow. Pictured are some of the country’s first members, at St Matthew’s Church in Addis Ababa, which has been supported by the BB in Singapore who have provided t-shirts and sports equipment to the new Company.

Soapbox Derby

Children and young people at 3rd Caboolture in Australia got involved in their Soapbox Derby at Old Petrie Town, with lots of fun being had by all in great weather!

1st Pune

Having been formed in 2019 and with it resuming BB activities in India, 1st Pune is working with other Churches to explore the possibility of establishing more Companies in the country, whilst themselves continuing to run a full programme of activities for their children and young people.